Aashka Goradia Success Story


The success story of Aashka Goradia, actor-entrepreneur and co-founder, of RENEE Cosmetics.

In the competitive market of cosmetic and skincare products in the nation, Renee Cosmetic is the new name emerging in the Cosmetic world, where people love the products and the newly made brand can compete with their competition just after coming into the market just because of the branding and their quality of products.

The brand is owned by Aashka Goradia which was established in 218 with its headquarters in Ahmedabad. Renee being a Made in India brand claims that all the products are vegan and are reality-free.

Aashka Goradia

Aashka Goradia is an actor and successful women entrepreneur who has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life. After starting her career as a child actress, she experienced a period of struggle when she was discovered at the age of 16 and was thrust into the spotlight.

Despite the challenges, she pushed through and eventually landed roles in some major Bollywood films.

After making a name for herself in India, Aashka moved to the United States to pursue an acting career there. However, after just two years, she realized that Hollywood wasn’t for her and returned to India to focus on her business interests.

Today, Aashka is one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs with her line of clothing and accessories, as well as her own social media presence.

Aashka Goradia

In this success story, we learn about the strategies that Aashka used to achieve success in both her professional and personal life.

Aashka always loved playing and experimenting with makeup looks, and owning a brand of cosmetics and skincare was in the back of her mind, and all that is possible in her life is all because of her family and friends’ support.

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It was a bit of a challenge for her to start the brand which could compete with their competition by being in the market with their strong products; she always wanted to bring revolution in the world of makeup and is now able to do so.

Renee products are easy to use, as per Indian skin tone today Renee sells its products mostly via online ad digital means, its main marketplace is its own website, and others by social media marketing they also sell their products from Amazon, Flipkart, and other apps.

Renee Cosmetic Market approach and competition

The average price of Renee products is between Rs 500 and Rs 550, and it targets women in Tier I and II cities between the ages of 18 and 35. Aashka describes them as the “digitally-forward women who enjoy shopping online for new products and who look out for new trends.”

Renee Cosmetics is competing in a market featuring major players, including Colorbar, Lotus Herbals, Loreal, and more. She names SUGAR Cosmetics, Lakme, Maybelline, and MyGlamm as some of the brand’s competitors.

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