Rishabh Sharma A Vegetable vendor turns fraudster


Rishabh Sharma, a former vegetable seller, is accused of running widespread fraudulent work-from-home schemes, scamming victims out of a staggering Rs 21 crore across ten Indian states.

Rishabh Sharma Scam

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought his vegetable-selling business to a grinding halt, a 27-year-old man from Gurgaon, Rishabh Sharma, turned to fraudulent means to survive. He allegedly conned several people with fake work-from-home opportunities and amassed Rs. 21 crore, reported Times of India. The resident of Sector 9 in Gurgaon, Sharma was implicated in thirty-seven fraud cases across ten different states and connected to 855 other cases.

rishabh sharma

The Uttarakhand police arrested Rishabh Sharma on October 28 for his alleged involvement in the fraud. The detection of money transfers to victims through Sharma’s bank accounts led to the arrest. 

Fraud TechniqueCreated a fake website resembling Marriott Bonvoy hotel’s site. Offered fake part-time jobs to write reviews.
Money TrickedCreated a fake website resembling Marriott Bonvoy Hotel’s site. Offered fake part-time jobs to write reviews.
Legal ActionArrested on October 28 by the police due to bank account trace
International LinksSuspected involvement with criminal groups from other countries (China, Singapore) for money transfers.

Rishabh Sharma was selling vegetables and fruits in Faridabad just six months ago. He was compelled to close his business due to severe losses during the pandemic. He turned to work-from-home options to support his family. During this time, he reunited with an old friend already active in online scams. Rishabh amassed an astounding Rs 21 crore through fraudulent operations in barely half a year.

His last victim, a businessman from Dehradun, incurred a loss of Rs 20 lakh. Rishabh’s operation was based on an intricate web of deception that involved a false Marriott Bonvoy hotel’s website. He would randomly call people from a list of phone numbers, provided by a friend, and pose as a representative of the international hotel chain. 

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Offered part-time job opportunities

Rishabh offered part-time job opportunities to people, enticing them with the lucrative prospect of writing reviews for the hotel group. Sonia, presumably a co-conspirator, was introduced as an employee of the hotel chain to establish credibility. Investigations are underway, with authorities urging the public to remain vigilant against such scams.

He manipulated innocent victims into a fake Telegram group, posing as a hotel proprietor. Victims were coaxed into writing positive reviews for the non-existent establishment and fielding inquiries from fake guests. Initially, he secured their trust by paying them Rs 10,000, gradually alluring them with tempting promises of higher returns. When substantial funds were invested, Rishabh vanished, leaving his victims penniless and in a state of bemusement.


Rishabh is facing multiple charges including fraud, following an intensive investigation by the local police. Intriguingly, they uncovered connections between Rishabh’s scam and international criminal syndicates. These rogue groups employ Indian nationals to establish bank accounts that act as conduits for criminal cash transactions, funneling stolen funds abroad. 

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