2024 Geek Squad E-mail scam


The Geek Squad email scam is still a threat to internet users in 2024. This cyberattack comes in several forms, all involving phishing messages, and can put your data, devices, and money at risk.

What is the Geek Squad email scam?

The Geek Squad email scam is a phishing scam in which cybercriminals pretend to be Geek Squad employees. Geek Squad scammers use fake invoice numbers, billing information, renewal dates, and other order details to make their emails appear genuine, and then try to lure victims into interacting with malicious email links and downloading malware.

Geek Squad

How it works

It takes three forms, all involving phishing emails and social engineering tactics.

  • Auto-renewal scam
  • Fake antivirus software scam
  • Password reset scam

Auto-renewal scam

In this version of the Geek Squad scam, cybercriminals send you a hoax email with warnings about the impending auto-renewal of your Best Buy subscription. You might not have such a subscription, of course, but the email hopes to elicit the fear that you could have accidentally signed up to one, and are now facing a costly renewal fee.

To cancel your subscription and avoid payment, the Geek Squad email urges you to click a link. This takes you to a page that has been designed to look like an authentic Best Buy website. Here you are prompted to input your credit card details and social security number to end the subscription. This information goes straight to the Geek Squad scammer, who can then use it to steal your identity or break into your checking account.

Fake antivirus software scam

They email you with warnings about recent malware infections among their customers. To help keep you safe, they offer a free antimalware software download. If you follow the link in their email, the sender claims, you can download software to protect your device.

Of course, this is all part of a GS scam, and the real download is a piece of malware. This malicious program can infect your device, gain remote access to your system, steal your data, and even target your bank accounts.

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Password reset scam

Some GS scams focus on trying to expose your Best Buy password. In this version of the phishing attack, the email prompts you to reset your password. It might be a safety measure due to suspicious activity on your account — or so the hacker claims.

If you follow the password reset link, you are taken to a page where you can input your password as part of the reset process. Since this is a GS scam, doing so will expose your login data to the hacker.

How to avoid a Geek Squad email scam

  • Don’t respond to unsolicited messages or phone calls.
  • Install antivirus software on your computer
  • Never click on links in suspicious emails
  • Don’t supply passwords, 2FA codes, or other sensitive information.
  • Learn to recognize the signs of a phishing email.
  • Always double-check the contact information
  • Use a VPN.

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