What Is Pink WhatsApp Scam?


The Mumbai Police recently issued a warning about Pink WhatsApp where scammers trick users into installing a pink-themed version of WhatsApp called ‘WhatsApp Pink’ that steals their personal information and data. So how do you protect yourself from WhatsApp Pink-like scams?

Pink Whatsapp Scam

A ‘forwarded’ message is circulating on Whatsapp, claiming that a new version of the app known as ‘Whatsapp Pink’ is available for download. The message promises a pink theme to the popular messaging app along with additional features. The message conveniently also includes a link for users to begin downloading the app.

The Pink WhatsApp scam is an online hoax that targets users of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It usually involves a message with a link promising users access to a unique “pink” version of WhatsApp, claiming to offer exclusive features or privileges. However, the link leads to a malicious website or app that steals personal information or infects the device with malware.


The scam revolves around sending a link to an APK file, which is designed to target and affect only Android devices. Users who use iOS devices can rest assured, as Apple’s ecosystem is highly protected and equipped with robust security measures against external threats.

How Does the Pink WhatsApp Scam Work?

  • Victims receive a message from either an unknown contact or someone they know. The message claims to offer access to a hidden WhatsApp feature, usually titled “Pink WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Gold.”
  • To convince users to click the provided link, scammers claim that the exclusive feature will unlock new customization options, advanced privacy settings, or enhanced messaging capabilities.
  • Clicking on the link redirects users to a fraudulent website where they are prompted to download an application or update. This software infects the victim’s device with malware or spyware.
  • Once the malware infiltrates a victim’s device, it may allow scammers to control WhatsApp conversations, create fake accounts, or extract personal information such as contacts, messages, and sensitive data.

Understand the Fraud

Imtiaz Bellary, Managing Director at Engati, an AI chatbot and live chat platform said,” It is important to stay aware of the recent frauds happening in the online space. “Educating yourself and others about scams like the Pink WhatsApp scam is vital to raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim. In general, remaining vigilant, skeptical, and trusting your instincts when in doubt are key to safeguarding against scams

What can be the possible implications?

Privacy Breach: Users who fall victim to the Pink WhatsApp Scam unknowingly expose their personal conversations, potentially compromising sensitive information and even their online identities.

Spread of Malware: Scammers aim to infect as many devices as possible, using malware to propagate the scam further and potentially gain control over a larger network of victims.

Financial Fraud: In some instances, scammers may attempt to manipulate victims into sharing financial information, stealing funds, or engaging in other fraudulent activities.

Identity Theft: With access to personal conversations and contacts, scammers can impersonate victims, potentially leading to further scams targeting the victim’s friends, family, or colleagues.

Tips to avoid the Pink WhatsApp scam

Stay vigilant– Be aware of the latest scams circulating online and share information with friends, family, and colleagues to help prevent their falling victim

Never install an app from third-party links

Be wary of promises

Don’t click it just because it’s Pink

Regularly update apps -Advise you to stay vigilant by keeping your WhatsApp application updated with the latest security patches

Verify what you share with your friends -Always double-check the legitimacy of the source and assess the potential risks before sharing anything.

Install Security Software

Report Suspicious Activity




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