What does Pro Bono mean?


Pro bono” is a Latin term that translates to “for the public good” or “for the good of the people.” Services rendered by a professional for free or at a lower cost. Professionals in many fields offer pro bono services to Nonprofit Organizations.

Simply, “pro bono” refers to work done voluntarily and without payment, typically for individuals or organizations who cannot afford the services otherwise. Pro bono work is often undertaken to provide legal or professional assistance to those in need, promote access to justice, and contribute to the community or society.

Benefits of investing in pro bono cases

  • Pro bono work typically allows lawyers to practice in areas of law that are not their primary focus. lawyers get a chance to work in different focus areas than their own. it offers lots of experience.
  • Pro bono cases provide attorneys with the chance to work with other lawyers in their firms whom they would not otherwise know, as well as practice in areas outside of their day-to-day work.
  • A pro bono program that is at least moderately active, can help a firm to recruit new talent in the coming several years. This is because work done by a law firm in the field of pro bono attracts prospective candidates to seek jobs in that particular law firm.
  • As long as one is talking about young talent, working in the field of pro bono helps young attorneys to develop their skills by gaining experience and exposure. It’s a win-win situation for the young attorneys and the society as it would help in tapping the youthful enthusiasm and desire of the young lawyers to serve society.
  • Companies, law firms, and other organizations that actively engage in PB work often enjoy a positive public image and reputation. Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community can enhance brand perception, attract clients, and differentiate organizations from competitors.
  • Many professionals find PB work to be personally rewarding and fulfilling. The opportunity to use their skills and expertise to help others in need can provide a sense of satisfaction, purpose, and fulfillment that may not always be found in paid work alone.
pro bono

Activities To Be Carried Out By Pro Bono Associates (PBAs)

  1. Litigation Assistance:
    Under the guidance of the faculty in charge, the PB Club can decide the type of legal assistance. The number of cases assigned should according to his year in law school, the Number of PBAs supporting Pro Bono advocates under Nyay Bnadu High Court Panel, No. of hours to be spent by PBAs, the number of sessions organized by the law school in training advocates/ appellants in joining Nyay Bandu app, etc.
  2.  Community Care Legal Assistance (CCLA):
    1. Adoption of at least two villages
    2. Number of materials prepared to encourage the Nayay Bandhu Scheme
    3. Number of banners, posters, and activities presented in the law school
    4. Number of field visits taken by PBAs[5]
  3. Research, Documentation, and Reporting:
    1. Summaries of the cases taken by PB Club.
    2. Quarterly published PB Club Newspaper.
    3. Submission of Monthly and Bi-Monthly reports of PB Club on the Pro Bono Website.
  4. Promote Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism:
    1. Types of Which PBAs Support Mediation
    2. Organization of client counseling and client interviewing competition for PBAs.

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The phrase PB is primarily used in the legal profession. Pro bono lawyers serve the public interest by offering free legal services to people in need. Instead of working for profit, the practitioner is believed to work for the benefit of the larger good. Every lawyer should devote at least some part of their professional life towards such cases.

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