Every year on 15 August we Indians celebrate Independence Day with full enthusiasm. Indian Constitution has provided several rights to the public to protect their fundamental rights. 

The Indian public has many rights to protect their life, asset, and live honorable life. Some rights are provided in the different provisions of the Indian Constitution and subsequent laws, unfortunately, most people are not aware of their rights.

We are providing some laws and rights which not only protect people’s interests but also comfort their daily life

Motor Vehicle Act 1988, section -185, 202:- Police can arrest you for Drunken Driving

At the time of driving if a driver contains more than 30mg. of alcohol per 100ml. blood then the police can arrest with no warrant.

Women should be arrested before Sunset

Criminal Procedure Code, under Section 46:- No woman can’t be arrested earlier than 6 A.M. and after 6 P.M.

Indian Penal Code, 166 A

A Police officer can’t refuse to file an FIR if he/she does in instruction that they may very well be jailed for as much as 6 months to 1 yr.

Indian Sarais Act, 1887 – you can ask for water and use free washrooms in hotels

Even any 5-star hotel can’t prohibit you from drinking filtered water and utilizing its washrooms

Motor Vehicle Act, 1988

As per Part 129 of the Indian Motor Automobile Act, wearing a helmet is mandatory for two-wheeler riders. Part 128 of this Motor Automobile Act limits the two riders on the bikes.

Home Violence Act, 2005:- “live-in relationship”,

If a younger boy and a lady wish to stay collectively in a “live-in relationship”, they will attain this as a result of it isn’t unlawful. Even the new child from this relationship can also be an authorized son or daughter and this new child has ample rights within the property of his/her father.

Police Act, 1861:- A Police officer is always on Duty

A police officer is at all times on duty whether or not he/she wearing a uniform or not. If a person makes reproach the officer, he/she couldn’t say that he or she can’t assist the sufferer as a result of he/ she is just not on duty.

Maternity Profit Act, 1961

No firm can fire a pregnant lady. If they do so they will be punishable by 3 years of imprisonment. If the corporate (Authorities or non-public) has greater than 10 workers then the pregnant ladies worker is eligible to get 84 days of paid maternity go away

Earnings Tax Act, 1961- Violation of the tax

In the case of tax violations, the tax collection officer has the ability to arrest you however earlier than arresting you, he/she should send a notice to you. Exclusively Tax Commissioner chooses how lengthy you’ll keep within custody.

Hindu Marriage Act, Part -13: Divorce

As per the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 any husband or spouse could apply for divorce within the court on the idea of Adultery (bodily relationship exterior of marriage), bodily and psychological abuse, impotency, going away from residence without information, altering Hindu faith and undertake different faith, madness, incurable illness and no details about husband or spouse for seven-year.

Code of Legal Process, 1973

Exclusively ladies police constable can arrest ladies.  Male constable doesn’t have the right to arrest ladies. Women have the right to disclaim going to police stations after 6 P.M. and earlier than 6 A.M.

Fuel Cylinder Blasts

There are only a few people who know that if their fuel cylinder blasts through the cooking of meals then the fuel company is liable to pay Rs. 40 lakh to the sufferer as compensation. for this compensation, shoppers must file an FIR to the closest police station and submit it to the involved fuel company.

Automotive (Modification) Invoice, 2016

In case you are fined for against the law like driving with no helmet or some other cause then you’ll not be fined for a similar cause on an identical day.

Most Retail Value Act, 2014

Any Shop keeper can’t cost greater than the printed value of any product however a shopper has the best discount for lower than the printed value of a commodity.

Limitation Act, 1963

In case your workplace doesn’t pay you then you might have the ability to file an FIR towards it within 3 years. Though, for those who report after 3 years, you’ll not get something for the due.

Part 294 of the Indian Penal Code

In case you are exposed to “obscene exercise” in a public place, you will be imprisoned for 3 months.

Hindu Adoption Act, 1956

If any individual belongs to the Hindu faith/family and has a son or grandson then he can’t undertake a second youngster.

There should be a gap of a minimum of 21 years between you (the adopter) and your adopted son.

Delhi Hire Management Act, 1958, Part 14

In case you are residing in Delhi then your landlord doesn’t have the right to forcefully vacate your own home without giving prior notice to you.


Indian constitution is very elaborate, and complex. Its difficulty is such that we fail to know many of our basic rights. we often talk about the importance of knowing our fundamental rights if we ask anyone about rights and they will give you their two parts about freedom of speech But, in reality, we truly don’t know all of our rights, and maybe it’s not possible either. Some of the above rights which we face in the normal course of business or in life we should always keep in mind.

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