Anger is a powerful emotion. We normally say or do things we regret in the future for saying or doing because of the force of our anger. It is actually important to understand the anger and understand it. Anger could help you understand hidden things about yourself and may act as a warning that you may have a boundary problem and inspire you to change it.

Dumping your rage onto another person or keeping it inside yourself is inappropriate. It is essential to release the anger and fix the boundary.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”


keeping the anger inside is dangerous for our health and releasing it without intention can be hazardous for our relationships.

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There are a few steps that you can follow to safely release anger without causing trouble

Shut down the impulse to communicate

When you are angry, neither uttering a word nor attacking will help you. In fact, engaging your understanding is only going to make worse your activation.

Search a surrounded space where you won’t bother anyone else

Create a boundary around you and your anger with the walls of your bedroom, bathroom, car, whatever. Take a moment to focus on the outline of the boundary as solid

Find the source of the rage in your body

If you can see your anger, like some red smoky fire whirling inside you and wanting to come out of you. in that case find the source of the rage in your body. Don’t feel embarrassed or hate it. It’s here to help you. Try to make contact with the anger in a friendly way and take care of yourself.

Do whatever feels good.

Do whatever feels good, like a scream, stop, kick, punch a pillow, spit profanity, literally whatever feels good that doesn’t hurt or endanger anyone else.

Do a few minutes of pranayama breathing to balance your system

Picture your rage once your body is calm and the heat is down, soaring around the edges of the room. Scan your body to check for any residual heat. Once it’s all out, do a few minutes of pranayama breathing to balance your system.

Responsibility to fix the boundary issue.

Now it’s safe to bring your understanding into the game. Remember that anger arises to tell you there is a boundary problem. Figure out what needs to be adjusted without blaming anybody else. It’s your anger, so it’s your responsibility to fix the boundary issue.

Leave the anger in that space

Now see the red fire smoke or whatever you visualize it still is hanging around the ceiling and walls if yes, then close the door behind you with intention, trapping all the hot rage inside. If the heat comes back, you can repeat the process as often as necessary.

Deal with anger in a healthy way

Think before you speak

When we are angry, we seem to speak of things that make us regret later. so better is to take a break, re-evaluate the situation, consider others involved and then speak

Express your anger, once you are clam

After feeling calm, express your emotions and address the concerns that you are facing.

Take a Break

Take a time out in the middle of the day when things start to get stressful

Use humor to release tension

Enlightening the situation with humor can help in dispersing the tension. It can also make us feel better.


Physical activity helps in reducing stress and relaxing the muscles. When angry, it is recommended to go for a walk or do physical exercise for some time in order to feel better.

Not to hold grudges

Holding grudge against someone only makes us feel bitter. It is better to forgive others and let go of the anger.


Anger can be caused by anything and anyone or any situation. Sometimes problems in personal life can activate anger too. when anger gets out of control, it can cause problems. Anger also causes a lot of physiological and biological changes – the heart rate and blood pressure go up, as do the levels of energy hormones. Always express your angry feelings in an assertive way to release anger.

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