Everyone must have visited the petrol pumps once in their lifetime. Do you know there are more than 60,000 petrol pumps in India out of which 95% belong to Government oil companies viz. India Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum? Very few people among us have never been cheated at petrol pumps or are fully aware of their rights at the petrol pumps. In this article, I am going to share with you some of such rights and duties at petrol pumps to increase the knowledge of the common public about Petrol Pumps.

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Rights at the Petrol Pumps

You have the right to test the quality of Petrol and Diesel.

Every buyer has the right to check the quality of Diesel and Petrol. They have a right to know whether they are getting the right kind of services or supplies in return for their money.

For that, they have to do a Filter Paper Test (for petrol) Under this test, the nozzle of the dispensing pump is cleaned with the filter paper and then a drop of gasoline is added to the filter paper. Generally, within 2-3 minutes the drop should disappear. one should check whether the point where a drop of petrol was added turned pink or not. If the paper turns pink, then petrol is pure and there is no adulteration. However, in case some other color spot appears on the paper the petrol is deemed to be adulterated. For all this purpose, the filter paper has to be provided by the petrol pump authorities.

You have the right to check whether you are getting the right quantity of Petrol or not.

It is obligatory for every petrol pump to keep a 5-liter measuring jug to check the quantity of petrol/diesel and this measuring jug must be checked by the investigation center every year for weight and capacity. A deviation in the capacity of about 25ml is acceptable, however, the complaint against the petrol pump owner can be recorded if the difference is more than that.

You have the right to ask for the cash memo for your petrol or diesel purchase.

A useful tip for the customers is that they should not forget to take cash memos/invoices as in case of cheating or fraud, the involved can be questioned and traced.

You have the right to know about the density of the petrol or diesel you are buying.

There is a 500ml cylinder at every petrol pump to check the density of petrol and diesel which is filled to about ¾ height with the help of the nozzle. After that, an instrument named ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) is dipped in this beaker which gives the reading for the temperature and density of the product. This reading is compared with the one mentioned in the register which acts as the reference. Both readings should be the same. Such a register is found at every petrol pump throughout the country.

petrol pumps

You have the right to avail yourself of some free services at the Petrol Pump.

Free Air to the vehicle

A petrol pump must provide free air for your vehicle

Drinking water

Petrol pumps must provide free pure drinking water.


Petrol pumps must provide a free clean washroom facility.

First Aid box In case of any injury

The petrol pump must provide a first aid box. The first aid box must contain basic life-saving medicines with bandages. every medicine must have an expiry date

Complaint register/box

The petrol pump must have a complaint box on the petrol pump premises.

Firefighting instruments

The petrol pump must Install fire safety devices on its premises.

Oil prices and working hours

The petrol pump must display the prices of petrol and sisel in clear big signs. The petrol pump must provide a bill for your petrol purchase.

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Responsibilities at the Petrol pump

We have certain duties alongside exercising our rights. Some of these duties to be fulfilled at petrol pumps are as under:

1). We should switch off the engines of the car/bike while the fuel tank is filled in order to avoid any fire if spillage occurs.

2). Don’t light cigarettes on the premises of a petrol pump

3). While getting the fuel filled, do not use your mobile phones, if possible keep them switched off.

4). Get off the vehicle before the fuel tanks are filled.

5). Don’t accept petrol/diesel in plastic or glass bottles since it is dangerous.


The rights and duties are the two faces of the same coin. On the one hand, we have some rights at petrol pumps like water, air, washroom, and primary medical facility, on the other hand, we have some duties also. If you are deprived of any of your rights or services you can complain to the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)

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  1. I am from TRIVANDRUM. Today when I and my wife go to fill petrol in my bike in your BPCL PUMP EDAPAZHANJI TRIVANDRUM your pumb supply boy behave bruttaly
    and get petrol very late

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  2. हेल्लो
    मेरा नाम हरदीप है ओर मै हरियाणा का रहने वाला हु ।
    मै ये जानना चाहता हूं की pertol pump पर जो सुविधा फ्री दी जाती है उनकी timing क्या रहति है जैसे 247 या किसी लिमिटेड time के लिए जैसे 9 to 5

    1. नमस्ते हरदीप,

      आपकी जानकारी के हिसाब से बता दें कि पेट्रोल पंप पर 24*7 मुफ्त सेवाओं की सुविधा है।

      ऐसे कानूनी लेखों के बारे में अधिक जानने के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट से जुड़े रहें।

      आपके बहुमूल्य फीडबैक के लिए शुक्रिया।

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