The Indian Railways is planning to resume the service of concession tickets to passengers of other categories including senior citizens and sports persons. the Government is considering restoring the concessions for senior citizens with a twist. The railway is considering reinstating concessions for senior citizens, but it is possible that it will be only for the general and sleeper categories.

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Age Criteria for train concession

The age criteria are being changed by increasing the concessional fare for people above 70 years on the card. According to information from the sources, the government provides concessional fare facility to people above 70 years of age, earlier for women of 58 years and men of 60 years.

The main reason behind this is to adjust the financial burden on the railways by giving these concessions while retaining the subsidy for the elderly.

Railways want to limit the concessions to NON-AC travelers only.

Earlier Discount

Before March 2020, in the case of senior citizens, women of 58 years and men of 60 years. the Railways used to give 50 percent discount to women and 40 percent to men for traveling in all classes. after corona, period, all the concessions available to them have been abolished.

A source said," We understand that these concessions help the elderly and we never said that we are going to do away with it completely. we are reviewing it and will take a decision on it. 

sources indicated that the Railway Board is contemplating changing the age criteria for senior citizens' concession and making it available only to the above 70 years of age.

Service closed since 2020

Corona pandemic in 2020, the senior citizens’ concession was for women aged 58 years and above and men aged 60 years and above. Women were eligible for 50 percent relaxation, and men and transgender could avail of 40 percent relaxation in all categories. Another provision that the Railways is considering is to limit the concessions to non-AC class travel only. A source said, “The logic is that if we limit it to the sleeper and general categories, then we will accommodate 70 percent passengers. These are some of the options that we are looking at and nothing has been finalized.’

Railways is also considering another option, that is to introduce 'Premium Tatkal' scheme in all trains.  This will help and generate higher revenue, which can be useful in bearing the burden of concessions.  This scheme is currently applicable 
in about 80 trains.  

Premium Tatkal scheme is a quota introduced by Railways to reserve certain seats with dynamic fare pricing.
This quota is for the convenience of last-minute travel planners who are willing 
to spend a little extra.  Premium Tatkal fare is inclusive of basic train fare
plus additional tatkal charges.  Last week, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, 
in reply to a question in Parliament,said that the cost of giving concessions 
is heavy on the Railways.  

He had said, “In view of the various challenges, it is not desirable to expand 
the scope of concessions to all categories of passengers including 
senior citizens.


Rail travel becomes expensive for the elderly- Actually, the big reason behind giving concessions to senior citizens was that most of the elderly lack a source of income. After this, after the start of the corona epidemic (Covid 19 Pandemic) in March 2020, the government suspended the concessions given to them for rail travel, in such a situation, rail travel is expensive for senior citizens.

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