Financial Rules changed with effect from 1st July 2022

From July 1, 2022, some rules will change. These will have a direct impact on your household budget. Those Rules are:-

  1. The price of gas cylinders.
  2. Fine imposed on those whose Aadhaar and PAN cards are not linked.
  3. KYC of Demat account
  4. TDS on cryptocurrencies.

Pan-Aadhaar Link

If you have not done your PAN and Aadhar linked yet, then get it done immediately. The government has issued an alert to link PAN and Aadhar the last date for linking Aadhar PAN is 30th June is the last date for linking Aadhar PAN. If those whose Aadhaar PAN is not linked will be fined.

TDS on Cryptocurrency


The government has taken necessary action against those who put money in cryptocurrencies. levying a 30% tax on cryptocurrencies, TDS will also have to be paid. 1% TDS also have to pay From July 1, those investing in crypto.

Tax on Property in Delhi


There is big news for the people of Delhi. Tax exemption on property in Delhi will end from 1st July 2022. In Delhi, you will get a rebate of 15 percent if you deposit the property tax by 30th June. After 30th June no discount will be given.

Price of cooking gas


LPG gas prices may increase on 1st July 2022 changes have been done on the first day of the new month. on the first of every month, the prices of domestic and commercial LPG gas are fixed.

KYC of Demat Account


1st July, the rules regarding the Demat account are also going to change. If anyone buys and sells shares and he has to update the Demat account. The KYC of the pass trading account is done till 30th June. Otherwise, after that, the account may be temporarily closed.

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